Electric Tea Pot Review – Cuisinart KUA-17                                                                  This attractive kettle can be used in the office or dorm room to heat up water for coffee, tea, soups, pastas etc.

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The features of this kettle:

  • Cord storage in base; three year limited warranty
  • Convenient cordless operation provides mobility
  • Sturdy stainless-steel construction
  • Hidden heating element means better tasting water
  • Automatic shutoff ensures high level of safety

Now will look at good and bad sides of this kettle:


  1. Top build quality and classic design
  2. The cord winds under the base to stay out of the way
  3. It is easy to fill and clean
  4. Because it boils fast it is terrific energy saver
  5. The maximum water level reminder is removable so no plastic parts remain on the inside for water to come in contact only with steel
  6. No annoying whistle to wake up your sleeping household in the morning
  7. The heating element does not come in contact with water, keeping it from tasting flat or scalded
  1. The handle gets in a way when you try to empty the kettle completely by turning it upside down
  2. If you forget to put the lid on it will not shut off automatically and will boil dry
  3. There is no acoustic signal indicating boiling, just a “pop” sound when it turns off
Read what one of users of this kettle said:
“5 stars and super star performer!!! 
I got this exact model 4 years ago and have been using it at least 2x a day no fail. I have put it through the ringer! We boil water for coffee in the mornings, and tea (or to quickly boil water for the stove pot, like for pasta) in the evenings. Here’s my high level review: 
– Very reliable and sturdy. Used everyday for 4 years and it still performs like day 1.
– Use for everything from boiling water for coffee, tea… the obvious stuff. Short cut boiling water for soups, oatmeal, rice, pasta, etc. because it is so much faster than waiting for the stove. Also regularly boil water to disinfect the kitchen sink (just pour water all over and around sink)!!
– On/Off switch is sturdy and it the auto-off performs flawlessly when the water heats up to temperature.
– Heats to very high temperature (never measured, but it can burn your tongue!)
– Aesthetically very nice and looks like a water kettle…  
Review is paraphrased for size – view original review here

Similar kettle from the same manufacturer with more features and more expensive:

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter (1.8 quart) Stainless-Steel Cordless Electric Kettle, Review

Cuisinart Electric Steel Kettle CPK17Click Here to buy at

This high-tech looking and stylish kettle has:

  • 6 preset heat settings that are located on a handle where you can select: 160 F for delicate teas, 175 F for green tea, 185 F for white tea, 190 F for oolong tea, 200 F for French press coffee and “Boil” for black tea, instant cocoa, oatmeal etc.
  • 30-minute keep warm function
  • 2-minute memory function – the kettle can be removed from the power base for up to 2 minutes without shutting off
  • An authoritative “beep” when water shuts off
  • Blue backlit water window
  1. May scale on the bottom after a few usages, which can be removed by making a water/white vinegar mixture and letting the kettle boil for 10-15 min.
One user says:
“A quality product. . Well constructed and performs as promised. The various temperature settings make this pot so much more versatile than a standard kettle. Being in college I use the kettle for coffee, tea, instant noodles, and homemade beer making. I have gotten more than my money’s worth out of this product.


If you don’t like this brand check out Breville, Krups and Chef’s Choice brands. 

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