Where to Buy Electric Kettle on Sale

You’ve decided it is time to replace your old kettle with the new one. Maybe your old one is completely worn out and out of order or you’ve heard of a new techy model you would like to have. When considering to buy a new kettle you have to make choices about the kind of kettle – stovetop or electric, size, material it should be made of, what kind of spout and handle and other features like whistle or not – you would prefer to have. I will talk about the choices to make when buying a kettle and then where to buy electric kettle on sale.

Stovetop vs. electric. This is probably the main decision to make. If you get stovetop kettle you get simplicity, but you also get some wasted energy in the form of heat that is not going directly on boiling water. With the electric kettle you get more features that offer increased safety and convenience (read more here).

Size. The size should fit your needs. If you boil water just for your drinks then you may want to go with a small kettle. It will also depend on how big your family is. If you are going to use your kettle to boil water for pasta and oatmeal in addition to making drinks you may want to buy a larger kettle.

Material. If you don’t want your water to taste like plastic and in addition have chemicals in it simply avoid plastic kettles. Stainless steel is a very popular material for electric kettles. It doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals into water (read more here).

Some spouts have filters that will keep water scales out of your cup of hot beverage. However, if the filter contains plastic and you don’t want it, you can remove it.

If the handle is made of a soft rubber it is pleasant to grip and lift. In most electric kettles the handle doesn’t get hot like in stovetop kettles.

Additional features – temperature control, automatic shut-off, cordless or corded, whistle, “keep warm” and “hold temperature” and water gauge.

Delicate tea drinkers are most excited about the temperature control settings of some electric kettles that allow them to heat the water to a particular temperature that is right for the tea. Delicate teas are best steeped at lower temperatures than black tea, for example. Before the emergence of these new kettles on the market some people would go into trouble of using thermometers to measure if the water is the right temperature before brewing tea. Green tea is best to steep at 175 F (80 C) and white tea at 185 F (85 C) and electric kettle solves the problem of getting the water at the right temperature. These temperature control settings certainly make life easier. More expensive kettles have this feature.

Automatic shut-off feature will prevent water from over-boiling so your water will not taste flat and will not boil dry.

Most often when they say the kettle is cordless they refer to the fact that the cord is attached to the base on which the kettle is placed. This base has a cord that is plugged to the outlet when kettle is in use. So the kettle itself doesn’t have a cord.

Different kettles have different whistles. Some sound shrilling and are quite annoying. It is helpful to read product description or customer reviews about the sound a particular kettle is making before buying it so you will not be unpleasantly surprised.

“Keep warm” feature in some electric kettles allows you to make more tea at the whim or re-boil the water quickly. “Hold temperature” will keep water at the specific temperature.

Another handy feature some electric kettles have is a water level window or water gauge. With this you don’t have to guess or look inside the kettle to see exactly how much water is in it.

Where to buy a kettle on sale

After you made a decision about what kind of electric kettle you want to buy you have two choices – drive to a physical store or buy it online. I prefer buying online because all the information in available right at the site that is selling the kettle and I can save time and gasoline by shopping at home. You can also compare the sales prices on different sites and save money.

Read up on the best electric steel kettles on sale by clicking on these links: Breville, Cuisinart, Krups, Chef’s Choice

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  1. Kristen Dewald says:

    This is a very nice article for those who want a quick and thorough overview of what’s available and what’s good about the kettles available today. I, myself, don’t like to “do” the research when it comes to shopping; this concise article does the work for me. The article is broken down into simple and brief paragraphs that describe the different features of kettles one should consider when getting ready to buy a kettle, starting with the most obvious choice between stovetop vs. electric and ending with the option of having a water gauge. I didn’t know making a choice was so easy.

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