Tea Making with Electric Steel Kettle

Remember the tea kettle – it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!  ~Author Unknown

Over centuries tea making has become a kind of an everyday ritual. Some people perform this ritual several times a day. Choosing the right kettle to perform this ritual is as important as choosing the right tea. Electric kettles have been steadily replacing stovetop models. There are several reasons for that. Mainly tea making with electric kettle had become a better option.

Electric kettles have so many cool features that regular stove top kettles don’t. Electric kettles are more interesting to work with because of these features. If you like to keep things simple and don’t care about design and added features the stovetop type is a way to go.

Electric kettles are far more energy efficient than stovetop kettles – the estimated amount of energy saved is about 3 times of a stove top kettle. In electric kettles the heating coil is made into the base and that is why they provide superior heat to liquid transfer capabilities. Because of this, water heats up much faster. In Europe, where they have higher voltage system the kettle boils water even faster.  If you want to speed up the preparation time the electric kettle is a better choice.

Electric kettle’s handle remains nicely cool because it is shielded from the heating element. On the opposite, after a handle of a stovetop kettle has been under direct heat or flame for 8-10 minutes it gets really hot and can be very painful and injurious to grab. You have to use an oven mitt.

Electric kettles are easier to clean. In some stove top kettles you can’t even see the inside because of just one entry – in the spout – to pour water in.

Electric kettles shut off automatically preventing over-boiling water and boiling kettle dry. The whistle in the stovetop kettle alarms you when the water is boiling, but it is irritating when you are doing something in a different part of a house and then you have to run to take the kettle off the stove.

Electric kettles have modern and techy looks. My electric steel kettle looks nice I don’t mind giving it extra space on my counter. As far as esthetics go electric kettles win.

A few drawbacks of electric kettles are:

  • They cost more than stovetop kettles
  • If your electricity is out you obviously will not be able to use electric kettle

As far as safety is concerned electric kettles are safer because of the auto shut off feature and the handle not getting hot. The only time a safety may become a concern is if electric kettle starts malfunctioning. Also electric kettles do not heat up the kitchen like stovetop ones do. Some heat from the gas range or electric stove heats up the air. You may want to consider this if you try to save on an electric bill. Overall convenience and safety that the electric kettles provide is the main reason why people prefer electric kettles to stovetop ones.

To learn more and to buy the best electric steel kettles click on the following links: Breville, Cuisinart, Krups, Chef’s Choice.

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3 Responses to Tea Making with Electric Steel Kettle

  1. Christie Kay says:

    This article was very educational.

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